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Committed to the Environment and Local Businesses

The Ruby Slipper Cafe is committed to supporting local businesses and caring for the environment. Here are a few ways that we StayLocal!

Buying Locally: We are proud to use locally-made products, and locally-based purveyors. We know that by buying local, we are more profoundly impacting the New Orleans economy.
*Our sausage (pork breakfast links, chorizo, chicken sausage patties, andouille, and more) is made right in Mid-City, New Orleans by Creole Country Sausage.
*Our breads are either baked in-house, or are locally baked and delivered fresh to our door by Leidenheimer, Wild Flour Breads and Laurel Street Bakery.
*We’re proud of our coffee and our coffee purveyor, French Truck Coffee, who roasts our Ruby Slipper Breakfast Blend to order & brings it right over in his shiny yellow Citroen!

We’re proud to StayLocal! and hope that you are too.

Composting: Our Mid-City & Marigny locations participate in two programs –we compost all of our coffee grinds and provide them to our neighbor Little Sparrow Farms, where urban microfarmer Marilyn Yank uses them to grow her vegetables, herbs and flowers with love. We are also a proud participant in the NOLA Green Roots program, a Mid-City based non-profit that helps restaurants compost appropriate food wastes and distribute them to community and backyard gardens.

Recycling: Our Mid-City & Marigny locations recycle using local service provider Phoenix Recycling.

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Our House Specialties:
  • BBQ Shrimp & Grits
  • Eggs Blackstone
  • Migas
  • Eggs Cochon
  • Costa Rican
  • CBH Benedict
  • Bananas Foster Pain Perdu
New Orleans breakfast restaurant
New Orleans breakfast restaurant
In the Heart of Mid City