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The Ruby Slipper Cafe is more than great breakfast, brunch and lunch. It is home for our team, customers and community. The Ruby Slipper Cafe's original location that has served the MidCity area for 9 years is moving to 315 S. Broad in December 2017. We wanted to reflect on the good times our customers have had thus far and celebrate those moments as we move in to our new space!

The start of the Ruby Slipper Cafe was inspired by a powerful sense of homecoming when returning to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. While our neighborhood cafe has grown, we still consider it home. The move from the original location, 139 S Cortez to the new MidCity location, 315 S Broad in Dec. 2017 will be a bittersweet moment. We can't wait for our new home, but the one we are leaving behind will always have a special place in our hearts. 

- Jennifer & Erich, owners of the Ruby Slipper Cafe

Pictured is our youngest son at the original location.

This photo is of  Fred, Brent & Lorenzo in the original location from December 2010. Lorenzo just made his eighth work-anniversary this year! This picture shows the fun we had and the loyalty to our home, The Ruby Slipper Cafe. 

- Past team members who fondly remember our times at The Slipper

My family and I LOVE The Ruby Slipper! We are long time customers. We have celebrated many birthdays and graduations at the original location. We plan to be back once more before the move in December! 

- JoAnn S.


Your restaurant is the go to place for me each time I come to New Orleans. It is the only restaurant that I have to go to when I am there because it is how I start my time in your city. Your service, atmosphere, and menu is what New Orleans is all about..... It is the only way to start a stay in New Orleans.

-Harold B.

We got engaged there!! Me and my wife have been together 6 years. She’s from Laplace I’m from New Orleans. Here idea of “going to the city to eat” was Metairie! I knew this was something I had to change and show her REAL restaurants. So I did! Ruby being at the top of the list. Well, 2 years in we went to Ruby and I proposed! We’re sad we won’t be able to get “our table” anymore at this location but excited to see what our new table will be. I even have the ruby slipper tattooed on my Right arm as part of my New Orleans sleeve. We love Ruby! We now have a 5 mo old son and he’s already been twice :) 

- Dillon K.

I began going to Ruby Slipper in 2009, at least once a week, for pancakes and oatmeal. My favorite waiter was so sweet, so friendly, so pretty. About one year later, I attended a fund raiser in downtown New Orleans, where my buddy and I met two ladies, a blonde and a redhead, who we kept flirting with at the bar. When I told the blonde she sounded so familiar, she said "I ought to, I'm Marlo, I'm the girl who brings you pancakes!"

-Greg B.

Best brunch in city. Perfect for everyone from youngsters to old. Inventive menu selections and always new surprises. Keep up good work and don't change outlook n mission. Love it.

- William H.

 I introduced my Mom to the Ruby Slipper Café, now every time when we take a Mother and Daughter trip to NOLA we ALWAYS go to the Ruby Slipper Café for Breakfast before we come home. Thank you for making memories I can remember forever! We re just in awe every time we go! The menu and the food are amazing. The staff will go out of their way to interact with you and make your experience excellent. I will NOT go any where else for breakfast when we go no matter how long the wait might be! The last time I tried the NOWAIT app and it was even better than I imagined! Thank you! OH can't forget about the Brandy Milk Punch! MY FAVORITE!

- Heidi C.

Y'all ate the first restaurant to introduce me to pumpkin in my've inspired me to start cooking these on my own with xtra twist of course...adding banana in the mix as well as sweet potato pancakes with the banana as well...thanks for expanding my pancake horizons....chow....

- David

I love the Ruby Slipper because I love seeing the looks on my loved ones’ faces when I bring them to Ruby Slipper for brunch. I have gotten to witness so many first brunches at the Slipper! I always take brunch newbies there because it’s the best in town! I love watching them take that first sip of a mimosa or bacon infused Bloody Mary, and watching them bite into their cinnamon roll French toast or bananas foster pain perdu! It brings me so much joy. Thanks, RubySlipper! Can’t wait to see your new location!

-Megan J.

We found Ruby Slipper 5 years ago while visiting and come once or twice during our visits to NO. The staff at the Canal St location are helpful and friendly and the food and drink exceptional. We are there for breakfast and bloody Mary's. Since we are there once or twice a year. Thank you for everything you offer at your locations.

-John D.

Before Jason and I married in 2013, he lived in New Orleans and I lived in Gulfport, MS. We courted for years and fell in love with each other. And while we fell in love with each other, we also fell in love with Ruby Slipper in Mid-City. You see, brunch was our thing. The brunch spots are limited in Gulfport (side note: we're still waiting for the expansion to come this way!). So, Jason and I would often meet for brunch in Nola. Although this may sound like blasphemy, we ate at Dante's, Commander's, Stanley's, ReFuel, and other places to switch things up. But more often than not, we ate at Ruby Slipper in Mid-City. Seriously.

I have always loved the Migas without the chorizo, and Jason is a big fan of the stuffed pancakes special of the weekend. In addition to thefood, we have always enjoyed the double mimosas with the splash of pomegranate and the Irish Cream coffees. Typically, we would enjoy drinks after writing our names on the clipboard at the front door (this was years before y'all went all high tech and savvy-LOL). We would drink while we waited for our table, and it was during that waiting time that we got to know each other; neither of us really mastered having interesting conversation once the food was up!

Like everything else in life, things change. Once we got married in 2013, Jason moved to Gulfport and our family expanded with theaddition of our son Cooper. But we continue to drive over for brunch at Ruby Slipper when we can. We've visited all of the Nola locations, but the Mid-City spot has always been special to us. We're excited that Ruby Slipper has expanded with multiple locations including some outside of Louisiana (Congrats! And we're still crossing our fingers). We understand that the Mid-City location is changing, too. Despite all of these changes, there is one constant: love. We love each other, and we love Ruby Slipper!

-Meta, Jason and Cooper

My husband and I have been going regularly to Ruby Slipper MidCity since we moved to New Orleans over four years ago. We go to celebrate special occasions, like my getting into Tulane's Public Health PhD program or the arrival of his green card. We go when we need a boost in morale; those days when both of us working and going to school gets a little overwhelming, or when being far from both our homes takes a toll. We go with every visit from out-of-town, to show them the best the city has to offer in food and friendly faces. Without fail, whatever the reason for the visit, we find delicious food and warm, welcoming staff that will keep us coming back. Thank you all.

- Hannah K.

We live about an hour away- I got married in New Orleans on December 20, 2014. We stayed in the city for a few days for a stay-cation honeymoon. On the night of the 21st, we checked into a hotel and when I went to bed, I hid my wedding ring in my wallet because I didn't want to lose it. When I got up, I couldn't find my ring(s). I was devastated. We went to meet friends for Brunch at the Ruby Slipper Mid-City. When we walked in, our friends could see I was visibly upset. While drinking coffee, I decided to look in my purse. I found my rings, we had a long laugh. I found a favorite breakfast/brunch place and I have such wonderful memories from all of the return trips to Ruby Slipper ❤

- Lori P.

Living in Mid-City, Ruby Slipper has always been a staple in my Saturday or Sunday brunch options. The menu is always fun and eclectic, as is the service. However, my favorite story comes from a breakfast I had on a weekday, in this case it was a Tuesday morning. Although I work in Kenner, we are in a line of work that regularly searches for great breakfast meeting locations. Typically, we are having breakfast with people from all over the country. This particular day, we were meeting with a man who was from New York. He was staying downtown and asked where a good, New Orleans breakfast place is. Immediately I thought of Ruby Slipper. I was worried because I had not been on a weekday and was hoping it would still have the great food and service of the weekend, but a little more business friendly being on a Tuesday. Once again, I was not disappointed. There was open seating, plenty of space to talk, and a menu that still screamed New Orleans. The "New Yorker" had the french toast, along with a couple tastes from the other plates. It was one of the most enjoyable "business" breakfasts we could have asked for. Now, every time he is in town, he makes sure to make a stop at the Ruby Slipper. I look forward to your new location and know it will be just as perfect on a weekday, or a weekend, as any local, or any out of towner, would ask for.

-Gregory V.

I told my boyfriend one morning, "I'm taking you on a brunch date." Simple man, only eats Waffle House and IHop for breakfast when he wants to go out. I say "No, you don't understand. Brunch dates are special and sweet and completely underrated"
So after multiple recommendations from friends, I decide we needed to try Ruby Slipper. We get there and it's a 30 minute wait, he reluctantly says okay. We get our table and it was just a wonderful experience from there. Him: "The people are so nice! The food is so good! THERE'S SO MUCH FOOD!"
So our trip to Ruby Slipper made him a believer in brunch dates. <3

-Brittany P.

I grew up in New Orleans, primarily in Mid-City. Following Katrina, I became acquainted with the original Ruby Slipper. It happened to be a couple of blocks from a dear friend's house, which made it a convenient an tasty place to eat. I would like to think that those early visits are part of the springboard to their growth. It swiftly became a staple to bring family and friends especially for breakfast. Breakfast is my most favorite meal and Ruby Slipper has one of the best in the city. I have since visited most of the other locations, however, the Mid City location is my favorite.

- Tracey B.

My husband and I live in Baton Rouge
and have a place in NOLA. Our go-to brunch place is the Ruby Slipper in the Marigny. We bring all our visitors there! I am a huge fan of your Mimosas and your pancakes! My husband LOVES your bacon! Always a treat, never disappoints !! ❤👠

- Cindy P.

We love to brunch with y'all for all occasions, special or just an ordinary weekend. We love that we can bring our rescue dog with us and dine outside when the weather is nice. Having the skip the line would be a total game changer for us since we have a toddler! We would be able to dine with y'all more often since we know the baby wouldn't have to wait a long time to eat

- Erica E.

Being a single mom I'm on a budget and I have 2 picky eating pre-teens. When we to Ruby Slipper they ALWAYS pick a special ( breakfast) and I get to hear their classroom and friendship stories.

- Tanyelle G.

One of our favorite things to do while we wait for a table is to hang out with Prince. We have been doing this for years. Our daughter Ella is his biggest fan. She loves to talk to other guest about him while we wait for our table. The food is so good that it is definitely worth the wait. Prince is just a little lagniappe! 

-Kelly N.

I love the experience of Ruby Slipper. My son and his wife brought me and his dad there one Sunday morning. Of course the line was long but we enjoyed each other's company while waiting. When it was our turn we were brought to this quaint little table for four. Everyone in the restaurant was eating and enjoying each other's company. It was really a great atmosphere! The food choices were like no other restaurant. They were wonderfully chosen for such a place. We truly enjoyed the meal and the time spent together. Everyone should experience the Ruby Slipper for themselves.

- Janet H.

This is my sister and I favorite brunch destination. Your staff is incredible. No matter what time of day we are there, the staff takes care of everyone efficiently and with that New Orleans flare of personality. Recently, our waitress took the time to explain how the Ruby Slipper was established. What a great story! The heart that the staff encompasses truly originated from the owners who gave their heart to New Orleans after Katrina. This is more than a restaurant with great food, clean accommodations and great service: it represents the personality one may find walking on Magazine Street on a warm breezy day watching people day drink with family and friends, walking their dogs, taking their children to a bakery before church. Ruby Slipper is all of what New Orleans stands for.. Good food, laughs with family and friends while being engaged with a staff that makes you feel like a family.
Thank you for allowing my sister and I to enjoy your restaurant for so many years.

- Buffy C.

My favorite and most memorable meal at Ruby Slipper was my first time there. I saw one of my students there that had graduated, which was great, but then she secretly bought my breakfast for me. It still touches me that she did that for me 🙂

- Lisa P.

My colleagues and I came to NOLA for a conference and got snowed in! (We now refer to this time as Snowmageddon) Prior to coming to NOLA I had told them about this fantastic restaurant - Ruby Slipper. I had bragged about the great food and coffee, we couldn't wait to try a new menu item. We ended up being snowed in for 3 days, no stores or restaurants were open and we were told to stay off the roads due to the ice. On the fourth day, stores were opening back up and we figured it's now or never. The wait was actually short and the food was amazing! Everyone cleaned their plates and we were almost too full to get on the road to head back to FL. I think the meal kept us full as we sat in traffic!

- Tamaria W.

My favorite memories entail the building of the location. The use of recycled building materials, the design, and decor.
When you opened, my first meal was memorable enough for me to try all the locations! Can't wait to get to Florida! . It's now a tradition for Mothers day for Brunch.
My number one recommendation for Breakfast!

-Dawn L.

I was pregnant and STARVING! (Of course) Came in for Sunday Brunch, and y’all had Lemon Curd French Toast... i almost died of happiness. Tasted like heaven on a plate! ❤

- Stephanie S.

I will be sure to submit to other sites however I wanted to be sure to extend a sincere Thank you! to all - especially Courtney. As I said... out of 5 stars, you earned 6. I am a person who travels monthly for leisure and I eat out 2-3 times a week. I prefer a low key casual type of atmosphere however would never expect such a high level of food for a breakfast/lunch establishment. Then you add exceptional staff... and your reward is a customer for life... that will recommend to all...

Some of the things that make them exceptional... And I don’t say this lightly as my sister is a gourmet chef (although I don’t consider myself a foodie) I would say I have an enlightened pallet.

The food selection is exceptional, very well proportioned, flavors are intermingled very well, and additions or subtractions to satisfy your personal preferences are received well. If you describe your likes, suggestions are offered... including Attractions, etc.. if you are looking for that type of feedback. If you are in NOLA, or any where near, this is a must try as I assure you too will be a fan.


Love love love Ruby Slipper! My first time at Ruby Slipper was with my husband when we went to New Orleans to celebrate our anniversary two years ago and ever since we won't eat breakfast or brunch anywhere else! I have never had anything that I didn't love, even the grilled cheese on the kids menu (my niece got it) was incredible! It is my number suggestion for restaurants in the city. Ruby Slipper started my poached egg obsession ❤❤❤❤🍳🥓🍽☕

-Alicia H.

Mid City Ruby Slipper is the first breakfast spot I started to go to when I was old enough for me and my friends to go out to restaurants by ourselves. It holds a special place for us and we’ve been meeting there for breakfasts for 10 years now.

- Francesca M.

I am IN LOVE with the eggs Cochon. The poached eggs made me want to try making my own, but gave up because yours are perfect. Oh I can taste the dish now! I love getting the mix/match with the St. Charles and cochon. It makes my world and spirit so happy!! I am so happy I found you because you are my favorite breakfast/brunch place in the city. Thank you!!

- Sheri